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Police Story 3: Super Cop

Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992)

A Hong Kong detective teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart to stop a Chinese drug czar.

Plot Keywords: china, martial arts, thailand, police, malaysia, prison escape, hong kong, female martial artist, illegal drugs, stunt master, kuala lumpur malaysia

Original Title警察故事 III:超級警察
DirectorStanley Tong
WriterEdward Tang
Production CompaniesOrange Sky Golden Harvest, Golden Way Films Ltd.
Production CountryHong Kong
Spoken Language广州话 / 廣州話, English, Bahasa melayu, ภาษาไทย

Alternate Titles

Police Story Ⅲ
Police Story 3 - Supercop
Supercop (Police Story 3)
Historia Policial 3 Supercop
Police Story 3: Super Cop
Ging chat goo si 3: Chiu kup ging chat
Police Story 3: Super Cop
警察故事 III:超級警察
סיפורו של שוטר 3: סופר שוטר
Police Story 3
폴리스 스토리3 - 초급경찰
Police Story 3: Super Cop
Jackie Chan: Superpoliš 3
Supercop: Police Story 3